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When one has requirements for RO water or RO treatment, one typically thinks the largest cost of the average system solution is the capital cost.   This is not true most of the time.   The fact that you are throwing away, or disposing of 25% - 50% of a precious resource is typically the largest lifetime cost of such a solution.

Compare a solution that runs at 50% or 75% recovery to one that runs at 90% to 95% recovery and the economics are astounding, in almost every application for RO.

Take a look at the attached information concerning Desalitech's high efficiency water treatment. If you could benefit from any of the advantages of such a system, please contact me (David Field - 312-231-0015, to customize a system for your application and we can look at the economics.   If your organization has an interest we can set up a lunch and learn session in person, or a remote webinar for your staff.

Thank you.


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